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Thomas Friedman, a New York Times columnist, recently explored some thoughtful considerations for job hunters. The column, titled "How to get a job at Google," raised some interesting questions about career planning and education. Friedman interviewed the manager in charge of all hiring at search engine giant Google Inc. with Bottega Veneta Ebano Intrecciato Nappa Tote

Modern business is a business, an organization and a culture. The sooner the new employee understands how to fit into all three, the sooner he can become productive without stepping into the traps of ignorance so prevalent with any newcomer. When you have a decent first level of understanding about a company, it is much easier to understand the context of what you see and hear, a context that serves as a guide for action.

you need to do? I want to emphasize that the expression "first time job holder" is a bit of a misnomer. Virtually every graduate entering the world of work has worked previously. However, those jobs tended to be very structured, with a set of duties and schedules that were very well defined. Thinking, initiative and originality are not prized. Consistency, repetitiveness and reliability are far more important. So now that the criteria for success tends to be different, how do you get off to a good start?

an interview that generated significant interest.

How to get and keep a job

More importantly, advancing education must be preceded by a clear set of goals defining specific objectives for that education. Simply pursuing a bachelor's degree because it is expected is simply insufficient in a work environment in which creativity, flexibility, analytical thinking and Balenciaga Handbags Nordstrom

Be cautious of negative employees and seek out the optimists. After all, your presence is an affirmation of the value of the organization and the opportunities for growth and advancement. Also, try to get up to speed on continuing projects/programs by meeting with leaders. Make it a business meeting, not a social call. Ask substantive questions about schedules, decisions, results, expectations and strategies. The goal is to come away with a reasonable understanding of the project and having exhibited genuine interest that will certainly gain a few points from the team leader.

Many finish that first job ready to move ahead. Others, however, have a different experience. Too many start with hope, struggle through for some period of time and ultimately leave. One major reason is a failure to prepare properly, both academically and in the workplace.

Prada Bag Lion

Prada Bag Lion

I meet many young people who have just entered the job market but somehow stumble along the way. While entering the real "world of work" presents challenges, and tenure at that first job is relatively short (about two years), experiences vary.

According the Google manager, cognitive ability the ability to learn things and solve problems is the first attribute Google prizes. Thinking in a formal, logical and structured manner enables Prada Bag Lion employees to deal with a variety of problems. It enables them to better visualize logical and more practical solutions to problems that inevitably arise in a complex work environment.

Prada Bag Lion

And it does not have to be exclusively through engineering. A strong liberal arts program can also develop these capabilities. In fact, any truly challenging academic program that forces you to think and reason can get you there. The key is to push yourself.

Over time this all gets sorted out, but a good start with careful preparation can dramatically reduce the startup, increase the chances that the organization will engage you and set a positive tone for success.

According to this Google manager, the college degree by itself is no longer a ticket to success. Broadening knowledge through a good education is important, but even more important is having all the skills and personal qualities demanded in today's work environment, not just knowledge.

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First, come to that new job armed with as much information about the company as possible. Get acquainted with its products and services, its strategies, key management and any important structural or policy matters with which you may encounter.

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The next factor involves listening. Nobody wants to hear a lot of advice from a newly minted graduate. Consequently, listening, observing and asking questions are critical to getting started on the right foot. The new employee must also understand how people do their jobs, how they define priorities, respond to problems and especially look to leaders for advice and support. The new employee can hardly go wrong emulating colleagues and slowly establish his or her own identity as familiarity and comfort within the new environment increases.

What else do Balenciaga Graffiti Small

Especially important was the observation that managers are not particularly concerned with what a candidate knows or what school he or she attended. The key issue is the ability to create with what you know. The choice of college, or even whether to go to a full time four year college, was less critical.

Prada Bag Lion

Of particular importance is the issue of courage, or grit. Students who take risks with academic choices are ultimately more valuable. Why? Because a good academic record is subordinate to a challenging academic program. Employers want students to pursue challenging programs shunning easy material. Challenge signals rigor in thinking and that trait is valued.

courage are prized.

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