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Churchill's bombers did not fly or crew themselves. Let us now acknowledge the contribution of those that did, and made that victory possible.

During the war, Bottega Veneta Clutch Black Leather

Excellent points, and also ignored and forgotten for many years include 'Berlin Airlift', 'Nuclear Test Veterans', 'Arctic Convoys', post WW2 peacekeepers around the world, victims of PIRA outside of NI, National service, all kinds of operational service which has sailed under any radar for recognition.

The policy of not instituting medals more than five years after the campaign can be overturned. Exceptions to King George VI's intention not to award any further Second World War medals post 1948 can be made again.

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The air crews of Bomber Command faced incredible challenges on a daily basis; whatever the statistics, the cold reality was that in 1942 less than half of all heavy bomber crews would survive their first tour and only one in five would make it through a second. In 1943, only one in six bomber crews would be expected to survive their first tour and only one in 40 their second.

To help put this into perspective, I have a 19 year old son, Domenic, who is older than my grandfather was when he started his service. As much as I trust Domenic, I wouldn't be happy leaving him the keys to my car, let alone flying a bomber.

I, like many others, am looking forward to the review's findings, but I would warn the Government of the deepest disappointment, indeed resentment, that will be felt by the veterans, their families and many others should Bomber Command be overlooked for the seventh decade running.

Successive Governments have failed to address the issue. But where there is the will there Prada Handbags On Sale is a way.

Jack Lopresti MP on why Bomber Command deserve their own medal

I find it staggering and a matter of national disgrace that Bomber Command veterans and their families are still fighting for a campaign medal which they earned the right to in the most desperate and perilous of situations a recognition they most certainly deserve.

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Yes, the pilots and air crews were eligible for other medals, such as the France and Germany Star, but what about the ground crew? They kept the aircraft flying and made the missions possible and in total 1,479 ground crew were killed in the line of duty. Should their sacrifices not be recognised?

My own grandfather on my mother's side served in Bomber Command. Huey Michael Keegan was born and lived in Southern Ireland, so he didn't have to serve as Ireland was neutral.

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But he emigrated at the age of 17, from Tramere in Waterford, and enlisted as an air gunner and soon found himself, a few months later, as a rear gunner over Germany on operations night after night. From operations over Germany and the Mediterranean, my grandfather then fought against the Japanese, where he was shot down over Malaysia and was found several weeks later in the jungle suffering from malaria.

I would urge this Government to be the one to right this grave injustice.

review will be met with the deepest disappointment, indeed resentment, that will be felt by the veterans, their families and many others should all of these issue continue to be ignored.

I also have a personal interest in these matters and this might explain why I feel as strongly as I do.

I have been involved in the campaign for a medal to be struck in recognition of the personnel who served with Bomber Command for some time and have both spoken in Parliament and lobbied the Government on the matter.

There are other reasons given for not awarding a dedicated Bomber Command medal, including the reluctance to give awards to specific military units and to those who served the war inside the UK. Neither of these reasons is insurmountable, but again demonstrates the lack of political will.

As Churchill himself declared in 1940: "The fighters are our salvation, but the bombers alone provide the means of victory."

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We should always keep in the forefront of our minds that these young people made extraordinary sacrifices doing their duty. Their acts of bravery and their dedication certainly shortened the war and we should be eternally grateful to them.

I was honoured to be invited to the unveiling and was deeply moved by the stories of the young men and women who gave their lives in the fight for freedom and peace, and to see so many veterans and Blue Balenciaga Bag

In the face of their achievements and bravery, how can we let restrictions in protocol or breaking precedent deprive Bomber Command personnel of a campaign medal for their service to our nation?

their families.

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The campaign for medal recognition of Bomber Command personnel is being considered as part of the Government's wider review into medals, which is expected to report shortly.

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I know that in some quarters the missions of Bomber Command are still controversial. But whatever people consider over the morality of war we must understand that the air crews had no say over strategy, target choice or their mission. They just did their duty.

the men and women of Bomber Command were unanimously regarded as heroes.

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