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Around Cairo, people looted banks, smashed cars, tore downstreet signs and Bottega Veneta Veneta Bag

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aspire to," he said.

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pelted armored riot police vehicles with pavingstones torn from roadways.

Egypt has been one of the United States' closest allies in theregion since President Anwar Sadat made peace with Israel in 1979after talks at Camp David.

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Prada Tote Bags Nylon

"We want Mubarak to go and instead he is digging in further,"protester Kamal Mohammad said. "He thinks it is calming down thesituation but he is just angering people more."

Pouring onto the streets after Friday noon prayers, protestersignored extreme Bottega Veneta Cabat 2017 Price

Security officials said there were protests in at least 11 ofthe country's 28 provinces, and unrest roiled major cities likeAlexandria, Suez, Assiut and Port Said. At least one protester waskilled, bringing the official death toll for the week of protest toeight.

Mubarak now seems faced with the choice between a harshercrackdown and major concessions to tens of thousands of rich, poorand middle class protesters united in rage against a regime seen ascorrupt, abusive and neglectful of the nearly half of Egypt's 80million people who live below the poverty line of $2 a day.

Insisting the 82 year old former air force commander step downthis year and not hand power to his son, Gamal, the demonstratorsappeared have narrowed the options for a president who until thisweek maintained what looked like rock solid control of the mostpopulous Arab nation and the cultural heart of the region.

Mubarak's decision to dismiss Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif and therest of the Cabinet would have been interpreted as a seriousattempt at bringing change under normal circumstances. But it fellfar short of Egyptians' suddenly expanded expectations.

But demonstrators were seen dragging blooded, unconsciousnessfellow protesters to waiting cars and on to hospitals, and noofficial number of wounded, or updated death toll, was immediatelyavailable.

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CAIRO (AP) Embattled President Hosni Mubarak fired his Cabinet earlySaturday and promised reforms after protesters engulfed his countryin chaos battling police with stones and firebombs, burning downthe ruling party headquarters and defying a night curfew enforcedby a military deployment.

The government's self declared crowning legacy has been itseconomic achievements: rising GDP and a surging private sector ledby a construction boom and vibrant, seemingly recession proofbanks.

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"We want more democracy, more efforts to combat unemployment andpoverty and combat corruption," a somber looking Mubarak said,calling the protests "part of a bigger plot to shake the stabilityand destroy the legitimacy" of the political system.

"I will not shy away from taking any decision that maintains thesecurity of every Egyptian," he vowed.

Once unimaginable scenes of anarchy along the Nile played out ontelevision and computer screens from Algiers to Riyadh, two weeksto the day after protesters in Tunisia drove out their autocraticpresident. Images of the protests in the smaller North Africancountry emboldened Egyptians to launch four straight days ofincreasingly fearless demonstrations organized over mobile phone,Facebook and Twitter.

Many protesters were outraged further by Mubarak's nationallytelevised address just after midnight, which saw him defend apolice crackdown that drew harsh criticism from the Obamaadministration and even a threat to reduce a $1.5 billion programof foreign aid if Washington's most important Arab ally escalatesthe use of force.

"Mubarak didn't meet any of the demands of the people and theywill continue to demonstrate," said Faiza Hendawi, a 36 year oldjournalist. "He thinks by speaking to us he will calm it down. Whathe doesn't understand is that this is a revolution."

Young Prada Tote Bags Nylon men could be seen forming a human barricade in front ofthe museum to protect it. foreign policy and a democratic uprising demanding his ouster,said he had personally told Mubarak to take "concrete steps" toexpand rights for his people.

Mubarak protests peak

"We are the ones who will bring change," said 21 year old AhmedSharif. "If we do nothing, things will get worse. Change mustcome!" he screamed through a surgical mask he wore to ward off thetear gas. The State Department urgedAmericans to defer any non essential travel to Egypt.

Demonstrators wielding rocks, glass and sticks chased hundredsof riot police away from the main square in downtown Cairo andseveral of the policemen stripped off their uniforms and badges andjoined the demonstrators.

He said he had given them instructions that the protesters beallowed to express their views. But, he said, acts of violence andvandalism left the security forces with no choice but to react torestore order.

An Associated Press reporter saw the protesters cheering thepolice who joined them and hoisting them on their shoulders.

government measures that included cutting off theInternet and mobile phone services in Cairo and other areas,calling the army into the streets and then imposing a nationwidenight time curfew.

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"Violence will not solve the problems we face or realize theobjectives we Balenciaga Bag Outlet Usa

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