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Westminster: Christina L. Alario, Olivia M. Aldrich, Margaret M. Anderson, Derrick G. Andrews Jr., Brittany A. Aubuchon, Kristin E. Aveni, Katelyn L. Barrett, Matthew J. Boivin, Adam J. Boudreau, Matthew R. Brandon, Robert E. Buiwit, Alanna Rae Butler, Haley E. Caisse, Morgan D. Caisse, Alexandria P. Card, Tabitha R. Card, Courtney A. Carr, Lauren D. Coakley, George D. Condon, Henry J. Condon, Katheryn E. Copeland, Joseph H. Cormier, Nicole K. Cournoyer, Bryan A. Bottega Veneta Wallet Men

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Cruz, Renaldo G. Cruz, Michael P. Cudak, Meaghan E. Delorey, Alexander T. DeMarco, Zachary S. Despres, Emily A. Dewey, Cameron W. Estelle, Meghan C. Garven, Richard B. Gifford, Emily A. Graves, Rebecca L. Greenlee, Amy M. Grenier

That was the general tone of Sunday's ceremony, as 158 students graduated from Oakmont and head to various colleges, the workforce and branches of the armed services.

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J. Allard, Daniel Jacob N. Barlow, Hayley R. Barry, Brian R. Boutwell, Sarah E. Brady, Darcy S. Brown, Evan M. Caisse, Jessica E. Carter, Anthony J. Catrambone, Christopher M. Cefole, Daisy L. Connors, Brittany F. Cormier, Kayla D. Costa, Rebecca L. D'Amico, Adam D. Daneault, Trevor W. Davis, Jessica D. Del Duca, Brandon R. Dumont, Allison Z. Durkan, Hannah L. Dyke, Cassandra M. Finnegan, William D. Gage, Nicole Y. Gianino, Michael A. Gingras, Jordan M. Goodall, Dakodah K. Gorrell, Zachary R. Gould, Ethan J. Gregoire

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Whenever in life you find a moment like that, embrace it with open arms. Sit, look around and take in this profound moment of infinity."

Principal David Uminski called this year's group "a special class that excelled in every area."

"It will be good to take care of others and find out what they need," Wang said. "We will make our communities what we need them to be."

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Kyle E. Halliday, Peter A. Heins, Jillian E. Iacobone, Kelsey Lynne Kinnear, Kayla M. Kress, Nicolas Krumeich, Nicholas R. LaLiberte, Rachel G. Landry, Stephen P. Landry, Christine M. Legsdin, Hannah A. Locke, Michaela E. Macchia, Erin E. Magee, Brady M. Maguire, Lisa A. Maki, Jennifer A. Markevich(NHS), Ebony L. Martin, Kristina L. McCann, Jacob T. McEvoy, Michael J. McGee, Megan M. McGuire, Zackary R. Mehegan, Jayme E. Morin, Sarah A. Morse, Kevin M. Murphy, Mackenzie T. Muscara, Lucas A. Neff, Courtney E. Nivala, Daniel A. Parrish, Any Prada Wallet Zipper B. Pinault, Isaac D. Prime, Rachel A. Quaye, Jack G. Reilly, Tori F. Richardson, Katelyn R. Robbins, Kaitlyn N. Robichaud, Sueycha L. Rojas, Mikayla M. Rouisse, Nathan W. Sherman, Lisa R. Smith, Paige A. Viner, Molli E. Wallace, Derek C. Wegener, Madeline E. Weinreb, Alexander T. White, Trevor M. Wolanske, Emily A. Xarras, Charles R. Zierle

ASHBURNHAM As she stood before her classmates during Oakmont Regional's commencement ceremony Sunday afternoon, Allison Durkan spoke of changing throughout their years of schooling.

Hubbardston: Troy M. Perez

"We sit here with a feeling of infinity," White said.

Fitchburg: Alexa K. DeLisle, Danielle R. Dupuis, Travis O. Vincent

Gardner: Krupa A. Patel, Brittany A. Pontbriand

Athol: Courtney E. O'Regan

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Oakmont's 'moment of infinity'

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"Today is a day of celebration," class President Alexander White said. "We celebrate the accomplishments of the Class of 2013."

to be a lawyer or the chief executive of NASA. But on Sunday, she noted that her ambitions had changed yet again, and she realized that "loving your job and what you do is more important than the bragging rights that come with it."

"Living requires passion and audacity, and we shouldn't waste our time on this precious Earth," Durkan told her classmates. "My answer now to how I want to spend the rest of my life is with a smile on my face and a laugh in my heart."

White spoke of a passage from the novel "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," in which the main character describes feeling "infinite." He said that's how he would describe Sunday's ceremony.

Valedictorian Emma Wang wished the class well, thanking all those who helped get each and every student to this point.

James C. Halfkenny, Noah D. Harding, Katherine L. Harris, Christopher A. Holloway, Meghan C. Horgan, Nolan H. King, Kerry A. Kupcinskas, James M. McGeeney, Tyler S. O'Connell, Darragh J. O'Donovan, Shawn P. O'Hare, Vanessa M. Olivari, Anthony A. Perez, Joseph P. Poirier, Troy T. Richardson, Molly V. Romano, Philip J. Shedd, Noah J. Smith, Toby M. Steppert, Maxwell B. Sumner, Tiana R. Tower, Emma X Wang, Emily A. Whidden, Jonathan N. Wirtanen, Jacob G. Zagwyn, Sadie J. Zbikowski

Members of the Class of 2013 at Oakmont include:

The class gathered on Arthur I. Hurd Memorial Field on a picturesque afternoon for the school's 53rd commencement exercises, with the school concert band and choir performing selections during the ceremony. Hundreds of friends and family members watched from the field's stands and rows of chairs set up on the turf.

Princeton: Taylor R. Penning

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As a youngster, she had wanted to be Ariel, the Little Mermaid. Later, the dream was Balenciaga Papier Leather Belt Bag

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Phillipston: Arianna R. Nickerson

"This is not the end of something, but the beginning of bigger and better things," he told graduates. "You've accomplished something here."

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