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According to Reynolds the wave of charter schools is all about meeting parent demand.

This coming school year, Palm Beach County expects 18 charter schools to open for business.

The project faced a few speed bumps in the very beginning when Charter Schools USA had trouble working out leasing details with the property owner, delaying construction. The company also had to change its name from Renaissance Balenciaga Motorcycle City Bag Sale

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Charter School at Royal Palm Beach.

The busy intersection also sparked traffic concerns, prompting the Village of Royal Palm Beach to require Charter Schools USA to complete a traffic study to see if an additional traffic light will be needed once the school opens and pick up and drop off patterns have been established.

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In turn, Reynolds said that there are demands put on charter schools by the district.

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The deadline for students to apply to the western Women Bags Prada communities' newest charter Balenciaga Wallet Small

school is nearing. Renaissance Charter School at Palms West, in the former Albertsons at Southern and Crestwood boulevards, is slated to open this fall, and open enrollment ends March 15.

"Benchmark testing will show a student's strengths and weaknesses so that a personalized learning plan can be developed," said Reynolds.

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And business it is, as charters and traditional public schools will compete for students and federal funding.

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"We have to out perform the traditional public schools, or parents will not chose to send their students to us and we would have to close and that's he bottom line."

Commenting last month on Renaissance, which is about a mile from her school, Western Academy Charter School Principal Linda Terranova said: "Honestly, I wish they weren't a mile from my door, but there's nothing in the law that prevents that from happening right now". She told the Post she doesn't expect to lose many students.

Plans are for Renaissance Charter School at Palms West to open with 661 students in kindergarten to sixth grade. Next year a seventh grade class will be added, upping attendance to 903, and the following year an eighth grade class will be added, filling out the ranks for a projected total of 1145 students.

Charter schools use public money but are run privately as an alternative to traditional public schools. Palm Beach County now has 40, serving nearly 12,000 students. Those numbers are expected to grow considerably in the next few years.

Reynolds says that Charter schools create competition, not only between traditional public schools but other charter schools, improving education overall.

There is no guarantee all 18 new charter schools will open. Faith Ann Cheek, the school district's charter school director, told the Post last month that factors such as contract negotiations could come into play. But at least half the charter schools expected to open this August are run by management companies such as Academica, InterVisual and Charter Schools USA.

have to succeed financially, or Reynolds said, they'll have to shut down.

However charter school's core curriculum is the same as traditional public schools.

Traditional public schools in Palm Beach County utilize Edline to post grades, access textbooks and provide parents direct communication with teachers.

"There are a variety of demands overcrowding. If the community is underserved by the traditional public schools, demand is going to be there. If there is a variety of failing school and parents say we just don't want this, this is not good for us, we need a higher performing school and there are a variety of parents who just want a choice. The charter is a huge benefit to a district."

"Parents can, in real time, check on their student's progress. They can monitor grades over a protected server. Instead of waiting for progress reports or report cards, parents can intervene much sooner. It puts a little bit more control in the parent's hands."

March 15 is deadline to apply to charter school

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Colleen Reynolds, spokesperson for Charter Schools USA, which runs the Renaissance charters, said interest in the school is strong. "If anybody does want to apply they should do that by March 15th. Everybody whose application is received before the deadline has an equal opportunity to have a seat in the school. That doesn't mean everyone will get a seat if they're over enrolled."

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of seats available, all names will go into a lottery system until the seats are filled, any names over the limit will be placed on a waiting list, said Reynolds.

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"They're not going to shut down a traditional school, they'll find a new remedy, a charter has to perform or they will shut down."

The student information system is high on parent's list of favorite things.

Reynolds cites key differences between traditional public schools and charter schools including personalized learning plans, a student information system gives parents access to their child's test scores, attendance and homework. The school requires parents to perform volunteer hours and school uniforms are the rule to limit the distractions of fashion trends.

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