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Medical experts are calling the hysteria "mass sociogenic illness" a condition caused by social circumstances, rather than health issues per se.

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artificial sweeteners and powdered coffee creamer from all flights, citing worries about white powder blowing around the cabin. Last week, a jet was grounded in Detroit for an hour after people got spooked by some food crumbs.

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Card Case Prada

The fax, sent to political reporters, political offices and assorted community movers and shakers, says the event is to be held at the "Rancho Notso Grande." And under the headline "Berkeley's Best Bunnies Blitz Bakersfield," it offers this dialogue:

At least he fared better than the Des Moines, Iowa, television news reporter who sprinkled makeup powder around the newsroom in front of co workers. Ha ha. You're fired.

Some of the sideshow chaos is self inflicted in the name of humor. We Americans are a bunch of cynics and wise guys, and to a degree that's good. If joking around a little in the midst of a dire situation makes us lighten up, take a deep breath, smile again, great.

"But my New York experience put that whole thing into perspective," she toldThe Californian."For me, honestly, the fax is just not that important. So I haven't done any inquiring about who and why."

But some people don't know where to draw the line. Consider the Seattle TV assignment editor who thought he'd get some yuks with an intra office letter laced with ground up peppermint LifeSavers. Co workers called 911, and moon suited Haz Mat specialists sped to the scene. Last time we checked, the unidentified prankster still had a job, but his smirk had been permanently banished from the building.

The return phone number at the top of the page supposedly the fax machine of origin turns out to be the main number of Sanchez's district congressional office in Orange County.

Parra says she was "disappointed" to hear about the mailer. She says she was in New York, where she'd served as a Red Cross volunteer, when she learned of its existence.

It depicts, somewhat amateurishly, the faces of Parra and the Orange County congresswoman pasted onto the bodies of Playboy bunnies. The semi inside joke: Sanchez got some heat during last year's Democratic National Convention for arranging to hold a fund raiser at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles Under pressure, she eventually moved it elsewhere.

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Journalists, like law enforcement officers and medical field professionals, are especially prone to black humor. It's a coping mechanism. If we cried about death, misery and fear every time it lurched into view and that's a daily occurrence for many in this business we'd all be quivering blobs of dysfunction.

NP:Oh, Loretta, you're SOOOOO awesome!!!!

I'm sorry I missed the Nicole Parra fund raiser held earlier this month, but at least I didn't miss the flier promoting it. Well, sort of promoting it.

It's All Anthrax, All the Time, even though the perpetrators have succeeded only in proving that, as a Balenciaga North South Shopping Bag

biological agent, anthrax is at best a marginally effective weapon.

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Somebody denials abound faxed out phony fliers playing up the political association between Parra, a Democratic candidate for Democrat Dean Florez's 30th Assembly District seat, and Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D Anaheim.

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Northwest Airlines has pulled Bottega Veneta Gold Clutch

If there's one thing we've Balenciaga Edge Small

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Public needs a chill pill

Florez's battles with fellow Democrat Pete Parra, the Kern County supervisor who happens to be Nicole's father, have become increasingly nasty and public over the past few months, but the assemblyman (and new Card Case Prada state Senate candidate) denies that he or anyone on his staff generated the fax.

NP: That's BAKERSFIELD, Loretta.

What's the right way to behave these days? Clearly, we can't joke around irresponsibly but we can't wear these scowls forever, either. Write when you come up with a good answer.

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Yes, I know, anthrax can be serious business if it's inhaled. It has killed one man. Seven others have been infected, including a 7 month old baby andNew York Post employee who felt well enough to write a first person account of her experience for Saturday's paper. They're all expected to recover.

learned from all this, it's that a terror threat need not be all that terrifying for us to become utterly immersed in it. freeway chase, and thanks to our digitally enhanced, this just in world, everybody, in effect, has his own helicopter.

This attack merits serious attention, but, generally speaking, the anthrax circulating through America's mail is considerably less virulent than I ever imagined it would be. It's the attendant frenzy, the inadvertent fear mongering, that has made the biggest impact.

LS:Ha!! After you're elected, we'll make Bakersfield just like Berkeley!!

LS:Nicole, thank you so much for inviting me to come to Berkeley for your fund raiser.

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