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The alleged victim, now an adult, gave testimony that the relationship became sexual after the two worked out at the California Fitness gym in Prince Albert. McLachlan allegedly asked the teen to leave the gym with her, and drove to Little Red park. While engaged in a conversation, she allegedly asked to kiss him, then crawled on top of the youth and they began to have sex, Claxton Viczko told the jury.

He said the complainant version of events were full of contradictions, and were not consistent with previous stories.

McLachlan evidence is believable, Claxton Viczko said, as she said to every little thing. told the jurors the witnesses who testified with evidence supporting the alleged victim accusations are unconnected people by in large. There reason why they would go in that box and pick up that Bible and lie, Claxton Viczko said.

Administration at the school board received anonymous complaints and McLachlan was removed from the classroom. When Thiesen took over, she said the alleged victim was one of the two students she clearly remembered.

She described the teen as being well liked and popular, and said he stood out from the rest of the group.

look at that photo when you in the jury room, she said, while holding the photo up.

Abrametz said McLachlan didn groom the alleged victim he said she didn seek him out for victimization. don have evidence of that, he said.

Jury begins deliberations in Bonnie McLachlan trial

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Kent said that on one occasion, McLachlan slammed the teen into a locker and then proceeded to slide up against him. Kent had also Balenciaga Backpack Nylon

In his instructions, Justice Martel Popescul asked the jury to determine if McLachlan is guilty or innocent of touching a then 15 year old teenage boy for sexual purposes.

Claxton Viczko then recounted the testimony of McLachlan teaching assistant, Wanda Kent, who described an alleged incident that she witnessed between the accuser and the defendant.

The alleged victim, she said, entitled to the same protection under the law as a 15 year old girl would be.

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She said the man could Balenciaga Belt Mens

the 12 person jury began deliberating the fate of Bonnie McLachlan.

highly suspect that they would purport to have details of Original Prada Wallet these things, Abrametz said.

The prosecutor told the jurors that what interesting about McLachlan evidence is that she denies everything.

not be mistaken about that, and suggested to the jurors that he is telling the truth about the incident.

sounds like something a 15 year old is making up. also attacked allegations that McLachlan had the then 15 year old boy babysit her toddler, who was legally blind and suffered from Celiac disease. He questioned whether it would make sense to have a 15 year old boy babysitting a baby with health problems.

On Thursday, Crown prosecutor Jennifer Claxton Viczko, made her closing arguments to the mostly female jury. She asked them to remove whatever biases they may have in their minds about teenaged boys.

Paula Thiesen was the teacher who took over McLachlan class near the end of the 1993 1994 school year.

Of one of the alleged encounters, in which Bottega Veneta Yellow Clutch

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He said the rumours that did go around the school that year about an alleged relationship between McLachlan and the student were spread by the complainant himself.

the complainant said he and McLachlan engaged in oral sex in her car, defence lawyer Peter Abrametz said, sounds like something made up by a 15 year old to me. told the jurors that it suspicious that witnesses would purport to remember things in detail that happened 20 years earlier.

Fabrication is what the defence counsel stated in his closing arguments moments prior, is what the alleged victim did.

a 30 something year old, twice his age, and his teacher. Crown prosecutor then handed the jurors a photograph of the alleged victim as he looked in 1993 1994, and asked them to take it with them into the jury room.

Claxton Viczko stated the young man at the time was agreeable with the situation, but it matter that he did in this case.

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Before the defence and Crown made their closing arguments, the defence presented its final witness.

One of the alleged sexual encounters is said to have occurred while the teen said he babysat McLachlan son.

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McLachlan was on leave the defence asserts it was a stress leave, the Crown said she was suspended after she accompanied the school band/choir students to Banff, Alta. During the May 1994 school trip, McLachlan allegedly was found by another student in a hot tub with the complainant, sitting in his lap and kissing him. Other students testify they witnessed McLachlan and the complainant touching hands and each other legs during the car ride to Banff.

McLachlan faces a sexual exploitation charge stemming from a series of alleged incidents that occurred during the 1993 1994 school year. The male, now in his 30s, who cannot be named, alleges that the teacher initiated a relationship with him, which became sexual. He came forward in 2010 with the allegations and McLachlan was officially charged.

testified that McLachlan told her that she was having sex with her student.

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