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Hollis Hatfield said she has lost her last two jobs solely as a result of bipolar disorder.

"There are very highfunctioning people who hold down jobs and have families, who do well," she said.

In other cases, patients do not function well, she said. Coombe Moore explained the difference between depression and bipolar disorder.

Dr. Joe Walthall of Greenbrier will be the facilitator of the support group in Conway.

"I'm way down more than I'm just down," she said of the past five years.

"Depressed people tend to be slowed down low motivation, low energy," she said.

He joined the DBSA group in Little Rock in the late 1980s and was the leader for 10 or 15 years, he said. For the past four years, he has been forming more groups around the state.

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

"Unfortunately, depression is Balenciaga Coin Purse Sale

New support group offers help to bipolar and depressed

Dr. Jackie Coombe Moore, a psychiatrist in Conway, said both depression and bipolar disorder have mild and severe cases.

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

She will attend a support group formed by the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. Wednesday, June 23, at the Faulkner County Library on Tyler Street in Conway.

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

"Our sole purpose is to help people affected by bipolar or depression," Quick said. "We help with coping skills. We don't treat or diagnose. We're just a group of friends who share experiences how we've learned to cope."

"Most of my days, I literally want to die. I cry a lot. I try to sleep as much as I can so I'm not consciously aware of Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses my depressed state. "You're talking about a group of people who have come to a realization of what their problems are. They can help each other see their symptoms, catch it early and prevent future episodes."

Hollis Hatfield said now and then she'll go for days without sleeping and be focused on projects.

Type II bipolar disorder involves periods of depression juxtaposed with an agitated or irritable mood, rather than the elevated mood of Type I. In between, patients can have a fairly normal mood, she said.

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

a common term" that people use to say they are "downin the dumps," she said. "It's not the same as the biological depression. Everyone says, 'I'm having mood swings.' It's not the same as a bipolar mood swing."

RIVER VALLEY and OZARK AREA Missa Hollis Hatfield has dedicated much of her life to helping others from serving as an advocate for rape victims to volunteering with female inmates to assisting in a new drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

"The high is like an ultra high, but it doesn't last long enough, and the smallest thing can knock you off that ultra high," she said. "One of my mania issues is bringing animals home. I've brought home countless homeless cats and dogs, knowing Bottega Veneta Duffle Bag

Jerry Quick is state director of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Arkansas, which is affiliated with the national DBSA.

"It's helpful to hear other people's stories and know other people are going through similar things in life. You get a lot of encouragement and advice,"she said.

Hollis Hatfield has struggled with bipolar disorder since 2001. When she was originally diagnosed, she said, she felt "relief that somebody actually knew what was wrong. Now there was an answer. A treatment. Little did I know that to this day, I have not responded to any treatment and am still looking for relief."

She said people with bipolar disorder usually need to be on medicines their entire life. It is helpful for them to learn to recognize the early symptoms of a mood swing, she said, such as suddenly feeling agitated or getting Balenciaga Bag Selfridges London

People with bipolar disorder experience both depression and another type of mood mania.

my husband does not want cats and dogs. Rationally, I know he's going to be mad at me and make me get rid of them, but in the heat of the moment, I can't help myself."

less sleep for a couple of nights in a row. People who suffer from depression should understand that everyone gets tired and wants to stay home occasionally. If the feeling lasts for a week or two and the person has a history of depression, "that has to trigger the thought that maybe this is not being tired; maybe this is depression," she said.

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

"Everything just kind of stopped in December," she said.

All these things she has done while shouldering the weight of a debilitating illness bipolar disorder.

"I seem so bubbly and cheery and the life of the party," she said. "It's really not like that at all. I'm quite the actress. But there are times when you can't act your way out of it. That's when you stay home."

"(People experiencing mania) tend not to need sleep. They go fast and start doing more impulsive kinds of things. Sometimes really severe ones can go a week or more without sleep, and they think they don't feel tired. They think they're doing really well," Coombe Moore said.

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

"(Patients) are more likely to have depression than an agitated or elevated mood," Coombe Moore said. "A lot of times they come in for help when they're depressed, and that's all the doctor ever sees. The family is more likely to bring them in for help when they're in the elevated mood. Sometimes bipolaris misdiagnosed as depression because they're feeling depressed or miserable, and they come for help."

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