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When Radhika's character was explained to me, I had an image of a distressed woman struggling to make space for herself in a society filled with odds a woman, who is denied her own identity. In order to understand her life and how she was treated, I did a thorough character analysis. I put myself in her shoes and looked at the situation through her eyes. I recreated Radhika's character in my mind before enacting it.

No. We are both 21 years old.

My disapproved of this initially. But with every step, my mother intervened, and eventually, my father agreed to let me take up acting. As for my sister, she still casts envious looks at me [laughs].

I like both western and traditional wear. I often wear outfits innovatively, by adding accessories like scarves and stoles. I design all my traditional and ethnic outfits, be it salwar kurtas, saris or ghagras. I just love dressing up! I have Bottega Veneta Python Clutch

Is there a big difference between your ages?

But I am a fun loving person. I like to keep smiling and hardly feel low. That's why feel my character is challenging and demands constant hard work.

How is life in Mumbai?

Not anymore. There's so much work here that I hardly find time to sit back and brood. New Prada Handbags Also, I like the people I work with and I'm close to them. We're like a family. Even though I miss my family, I don't get time to feel low. There's always something new to keep me occupied.

Back in Shimla, we lived in a joint family of 17 members. Being the eldest of siblings, I had many responsibilities. I was expected to set a good example for my younger siblings. Besides, I used to think that acting did not click for everyone. It was different with my sister because she's not the eldest.

I participated in the Miss North India beauty pageant last year. I have won similar local beauty pageants before. In April, my sister heard of auditions being held in Chandigarh for a role in a television soap. She and her friend were keen on going for the auditions. I went along.

When I came to Mumbai eight months ago, I found life very difficult. I come from a place where everything is peaceful and tranquil. So was very tough for me to get adjusted to the chaos, pollution and population of Mumbai. I would cry and ask myself why I agreed to come to a place like this. Had it not been for my mother, I'd have packed my bags and run back to my hometown! She was there for me throughout. Gradually, I got accustomed to the lifestyle here and convinced myself that I could handle it. Now, I feel I belong to this place [smiles].

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Meet the Choti Bahu of Indian Television

as a career. my mother cajoled me into taking it up.

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What we have in common is that we're not fickle minded, we take decisions only after thinking it through and have faith in God. And we both love cooking!

My sister was inside the audition room for about an hour. I was getting bored outside, so I picked a copy of the script and gave an impromptu audition, without even registering my name.

I wanted become an IAS officer and was preparing for the competitive examinations. But after I got selected for Choti Bahu, I had to give up my career plans.

The most important difference is that Radhika is very calm and composed whereas Rubina is not. I like to talk. There's a childlike innocence inside every human being, irrespective of age. don't want the child to die inside me.

How would you differentiate between Rubina and Radhika?

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I stay in Malad with my sister. She accompanies me to the studio; we travel by autorickshaws.

a different look every time I dress up.

How did your family react to your decision?

But your father didn't seem to have a problem with your sister choosing acting as a career.

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Radhika is always seen in traditional wear. What do you personally like to dress up in? How long does it take for you to dress up in Radhika s costume?

Two hours later, the list of the selected candidates was announced and to everybody's surprise, my name was first on the list. I turned it down at first, as I had no plans of taking up acting Balenciaga Town Bag

How do you prepare yourself to be like Radhika?

However, Radhika's character is entirely different. She is bound by lot of responsibilities and social taboos. She's an introvert and so has kept the child inside her locked forever. Rubina is flamboyant, extroverted and has a bad temper!

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Was it difficult to staying away from your family?

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Rubina Dilaik has gained a lot of appreciation for her role in Zee TV's Choti Bahu. Her character Radhika face=Arial size=2>is so vulnerable that she can cries very easily. Quite surprisingly, the lovely 'pahadan' from Himachal Pradesh is the total opposite off screen.

It doesn't take me too long to dress up in Radhika's costumes as it's not complicated. But draping a sari takes time. My hair is long enough to suit my role but sometimes, I need to attach Rubina Balenciaga Clutch Price

During the shoot, she plays the helpless Radhika standing amidst her 'oppressors', but as soon as the camera is turned off, the perky Rubina takes over. Padmini Prabhu finds out more about Rubina and life before she stepped into Radhika's shoes.

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