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sense" or "anecdotal evidence" are not good enough for a health intervention with such a large capacity to discourage the very activity that it is trying to protect.

As DanBath007 points out it's worthless wearing a badly fitting helmet. I see kids with them perched on the back of their cranium giving no forehead protection. They're so loose they could even cause strangulation problems if they do hit the ground. It appears Linda needs a larger size.

For a start, there is little choice of style or colour but perhaps worst of all, wearing them tends to send a message to your friends that you are in danger of Bottega Veneta Mens Travel Bag

I am going to predict (with some confidence) that the point you would like to make, but can't, is a cynical one of 'Oh, you only cared after you saw an accident', as if that makes the learning through experience process invalid.

Shoes hold a special place in my heart heels, flats, trainers, boots as far as I am concerned you can never have enough. However, buying my first pair of proper cycling shoes was not quite as uplifting as experience.

helmets and hill climbing

becoming a bit of bike nerd. None of my non cycling friends understand why on earth I would want to be clipped into my pedals. But that aside I have to admit to liking my cleated cycling shoes. Granted they do take a bit of getting used but while I am a convert to cleats they are not essential to riding a bicycle. You can chose to ride wearing on your feet whatever you like and the same can be said for the rest of your cycling attire. The only piece of kit I believe is essential whether you are Balenciaga City Motorcycle Bag Replica

The scientific efficacy of helmets is not proven. "Common Balenciaga Classic Silver Mini City

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Think of it like this, if you see someone trip over an exposed tree stump and then remember not to do it yourself, or if you avoid a restaurant because you have suffered food poisoning from there previously, does that make your learned caution somehow invalid? Is the only valid caution that which is inherent from the moment we are born? Does the gazelle who learns to avoid the lions deserve sneering scorn simply because it only learned the lesson that lions are dangerous from seeing another gazelle being eaten?

Recently, I watched a group of cyclists relishing the challenge of a steep hill climb. Organised by Bath cycling club VC Walcot, the timed event took place on Claverton Down hill. From the bottom to the top this 8% gradient hill is not for the faint hearted, nevertheless it's Prada Sunglasses On Sale a popular pastime with cyclists and impressive to see so many lining up to have a go. The hill climb was won in a very fast 2.49 secs by local cyclist Rob Gough. To be honest I am not sure you can drive a car up there as fast as that!

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I make no apologies for being firmly in the "make them mandatory" camp but not all cyclists share my view, in fact there is a clear divide between those who do and don't agree, with many believing making helmet wearing a legal requirement would actively discourage people from cycling. The majority of cycling safety campaigners oppose the introduction of helmet legislation and there are not proper statistics to prove either way the effectiveness of helmets in reducing serious head injuries or fatalities, as the data following accidents is simply not collected. But anecdotal evidence and personal experience tells me helmets should be worn. I grew up in the 70s when we did not wear cycling helmets. However, my opinion changed when my daughter suffered a bad head injury after she sledged into a wall. If she had been wearing a helmet she would have simply dazed herself and prevented a week in hospital as well as several months' recuperation. In fact she was extremely lucky not to have more seriously damaged herself. So while there are lots of people happily cycling around Bath without wearing helmets who consider it unnecessary after all they have been "cycling for years and never had an accident" the reality is that just as even the most experienced driver can inexplicably drive into the back of another car, accidents can and do happen to even the most careful and experienced cyclist. Wearing seatbelts in cars was only required by law in 1983 and only compulsory in the rear of cars in 1991, but nowadays belting up is second nature and you would never dream of not ensuring your children are securely fastened in before driving off, so surely wearing a cycling helmet should be the same?

"I make no apologies for being firmly in the "make them mandatory" camp"

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coshgirl. You say "It's interesting you mention it was an incident when your daughter was sledding that made you change your mind on helmets. I find that puzzling." but then fail to explain what puzzles you. I find that in itself puzzling.

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I'm in the 'personal choice' camp. I wear one 95% of the time, not to protect me should I fall off, but from low hanging branches which I appear to have an uncanny knack of always hitting.

road racer, mountain biker or someone who is riding for leisure is a helmet.

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Prada Sunglasses On Sale

I'm surprised she thinks that, when her twitter profile image shows her on the road without one.

Telling people (especially young people) "you must wear a helmet when you cycle!" more often results in "well, I won't cycle" rather than "OK, then". Thus we have an inactive population.

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